The combination of Crowdsourcing in the research world does not serve just the academic part of the equation.

    Elijah-Lab sees the Crowdsourcing a tool for increasing the connections between the community and the academy. This tool makes the knowledge accessible and gives the public the base line to a critical thinking.

    Therefor the lab has set as a central goal sharing school students in the process.

     As part of the collaboration, the laboratory researchers expose students in various schools to the historical story behind the Cairo Geniza, introduce them to the new "wisdom of the masses" system developed as part of the Cairo Geniza study and conduct information analysis and collection activities in schools.

    As part of these activities, we are interested in exposing the young generation to the tools and possibilities within historical research by using the digital and technological capabilities that have developed in recent years. As part of the change in the style of historical research, students are exposed both to the innovative tools and to the historical world far from their eyes.

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